The FUNdations program is suited to people aged 6 to adult. It is recommended that children aged 6 - 12 start with Module 1 of the FUNdations (weekly) program whereas older students consider the intensive Music Foundations #101 workshop as the starting point. After this all students can join the weekly Piano, Guitar and Violin classes.
Most regions offer 5 basic modules plus follow on Modules. The first 2 are requirements for all students. They are Module 1 (Foundations) and Module 2 (Introduction to Piano). Other modules offered include Introductions to Violin, Guitar and Choir Modules.
The first Module as a weekly program takes 6 months. (This Module can also be completed as an intensive or holiday program where available.) The other Modules run for 12 months however students that can apply the knowledge quickly and can develop a fluent technique may be able to finish each Module in as little as 6 months.
No. All students must do Modules 1 (or the intensive equivalent) and Module 2 (piano) after which there is flexibility. Students that show concentration and application may also have the option of doing some modules concurrently. This might include starting the violin module while doing the piano module.
It will be rare for a student to get to violin or guitar in less than 6 months. If a student completes Module 1 as an intensive, then moves quickly through Module 2 (piano) they can be at the Violin or Guitar module within 6 months from starting. It is more likely however to take 12 - 18 months. In some locations a 'Special Violin Program' may be offered allowing direct entry to violin by audition.
By starting students on piano we are giving them the best chance of success for a life full of music making. Piano is a great instrument to get started on. It is easy to make a sound on and the layout makes it easy to apply musical knowledge to. Consistently around the world you find that many music leaders, conductors, composers etc. are capable piano players. Learning the piano greatly enhances all other music learning. In fact increasingly top teachers of other instruments won’t take young children as students who have not already learnt piano. No one wishes they did less piano.
Singing is an important part of the program and we endeavour to have singing lessons and choir option for all students. Students joining a choir will still be required to do Modules 1 and 2 of the program, however this may potentially be done concurrently.
Any adult will start the program with the Music Foundations #101 workshop. Once completed adults will have various options from online courses to weekly lessons. Weekly programs will vary by region.
This workshop is quite fun but also intensive. It is suited to people aged 15+ however many younger people have attended and done very well. Younger people must be accompanied by an adult who can assist them if necessary.
Adults have a great deal of flexibility as to how they progress through the program. Many adults join the Introduction to Piano module as weekly classes. Attendees of the Music Foundations #101 workshop will have access to the ‘Getting Started on Piano’ and ‘Getting Started on Guitar’ video lessons online. This is a great way to start applying your new knowledge and start developing the basis of a solid technique. ‘In person’ options will vary based on region.
In some areas there is the option of doing the program privately. The pricing will be determined on a regional basis and will obviously be more than joining a group.
Yes. The program has been used by numerous teachers as Professional Development. A certificate of completion, including hours and content can be issued on request.