Matthew | 14 - “This music course has been a real eye opener for me.”
Benjamin | 16 - “I have really enjoyed this workshop.”
Alicia | - "Every child should do this before beginning any instrument."
David | 14 - David (14) “Great workshop!”
Katherine | 15 - “I came in knowing nothing about music and I came out with sooo much knowledge.”
Hannah | - “This course was really good.”
Zoe | 12 - “These lessons were fun and consolidated what I’ve been learning in my piano lessons.”
Justus | 12 - "The program is good and it taught me a lot about music."
Sarah | 13 - “I have learned how to read music in a very easy way.”

FUNdations™ Course (Weekly)

-- “For a lifetime of music making.” --

FUNdations is a revolutionary program designed to teach students the basics of music in a fun, comprehensive and interactive way.


FUNdations is suited to people aged 6+ however younger students may apply and be assessed on a case by case basis.  Students must be able to concentrate for the whole lesson, have an interest in learning, preferably be able to read and write and be willing to engage positively with the teacher and other students.


-- “Absolutely fabulous.” --

The program is built on Modules.  Module 1 (Foundations) runs for 6 months although there are options for some students to complete this as a holiday or intensive program.  The other modules run for a year but can be completed by students much quicker if they show a high level of application and technical fluency.


Modules offered include Introductions to Piano, Guitar, Violin and Voice (Choir).  Each instrument has follow on options which will vary depending on location.


All students must complete Module 1 and the Introduction to Piano Module as these form a solid basis for a life full of music making.


The FUNdations course harnesses the small-group format to enhance music collaboration and creation while also providing more enjoyment, interaction and motivation for each student.


The FUNdations course is probably the best way to explore your child’s musical potential and so ensure their lifelong musical success.


Module 1
Lays a thorough musical foundation in rhythm and melody using games and activities to introduce the musical elements and then adds musical symbols for reading and writing music. The course is highly interactive and practical with students constantly copying, creating, remembering, recalling and expressing rhythmic and melodic passages and, in time, notating and reading them. The primary instrument is the voice and extensive use of singing is an important part of the course.

Module 2

Builds on the thorough musical foundation from Module 1 and applies this knowledge to the piano. The visual representation of the piano greatly assists students in understanding such concepts as scales and chords and makes it rewarding to apply notation reading and writing to an instrument. Students are taught basic piano technique, learn several songs, learn to transpose melodies and chord progressions, explore basic improvisation and are encouraged to make up their own music and notate it so that it can be shared.
Module 3
Builds on the students understanding of rhythm, melody, scales, chords, transposition, notation, improvisation and song writing skills and applies this knowledge to the guitar. Students learn basic guitar technique and repertoire as appropriate to their level. Students are encourage to compose songs on the guitar and notate them so that they can be shared.
Module 4
Applies all the previous learning to the violin and gives students a grounding in violin technique. By the end of this module students will be encouraged to learn, write and perform music for a combination of voice, piano, guitar and violin with the other students in their group.