You'll be amazed at what can be learnt in just 1 year
Revolutionary approach
Very high knowledge retention
Great Value
Fun activities based learning
Discount for families
Adult Music Programs
Dr Field's Music Program isn't just for kids, there is a comprehensive program for adults as well.
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The securest and quickest way of learning music.
Kaith | - “Dr Matthew is able to teach complex concepts with easy examples to help us understand.”
Tiarne | 16 - "This intensive workshop was just incredible."
Sarah | 18 - “Great value for your time, energy and resources.”
Caitlin | - “It’s fantastic!”
Sam | 9 - "I found the workshop fun."
Joelle | Adult - "This workshop has taken the complexity out of music! - Thankyou!"
Merrily | - "I found it really useful in tying a number of concepts together in a very simple way."
Vatey | - "The material was presented in a simple way that could be understood."
Kristina | 13 - "It was very interesting and easy to understand."
Elizabeth | 42 - “Exactly what I’ve been looking for!”
Limi | 42 - “Music theory made easy by breaking down the complexity of reading and writing music.”
Leah (Piano Teacher) | - "Highly recommend it for anyone who has anything to do with music!!"
Joel | 20 - "This course really de-mystified many concepts I found confusing in music."
Jadimo | 12 - "Everything became a lot clearer."
Sue | - "This course is really a mind blowing course… It is so simple now.”
Robyn | - "I really appreciate the big picture of Dr Field’s Music Program."
Cindy | - "Thankyou for a wonderful introduction to the world of music!"
Melanie | - "I’m excited to be able to understand sheet music, and get past my mental blocks.  Thankyou"
Taylah | - “It was really enjoyable!”
Orianna | 14 - “It has been inspiring and lots of fun.”
Belinda | 35 - "From someone with no real musical background, I’ve gained a really good solid foundation."
Daniel | 61 - “Good foundation for those who have no formal training.”
Cindy | - "Thankyou for a wonderful introduction to the world of music!"
Martin | 26 - “Clears your misconceptions about music difficulties.”
Laura | 17 - “It simplifies music so you're able to create catchy originals.”
Tiarne | 16 - "Perfectly understandable to new and experienced people."
Kerryn | 38 - “This course has been a lot of fun.”
Debbie | 57 - "The workshop was fun, interactive and very thorough."
Bella | 16 - "This course really helped to tie together the basics of music for me."
Hannah | 19 - "This workshop covers many important basic principles of music in a clear and engaging way."
Rosemarie | - "The workshop has taken all the squiggles of a music sheet and gave them meaning."
Ellie | Adult - "Fresh, logical and uncomplicated."
Jacob | 16 - “Easy to understand.”
Susan | 38 - "Very informative workshop with loads of opportunity to practice the skills being taught."
Carolyn | - "Thank you.  This class has broken the fear I have had about learning music and learning the piano."
Leah (Piano Teacher) | - "Everything was explained so simply and clearly"
Alicia | - "Every child should do this before beginning any instrument."
Tiarne | 16 - "Great fun!  Definitely worth doing."
Philo | 50 - “Very interesting & many new concepts which makes music theory easy to grasp & understand.”
Joel | 20 - "I really enjoyed every session."
Sally | - "Complicated concepts made simple."
Jonathan | 17 - "Completely different approach to learning the basics of music."
Anadee | 23 - “I strongly encourage all musicians or budding musicians to attend this workshop.”
Dorcas | - "Fully recommended for music teachers."
Angelo | 15 - "This workshop has made me see music from a different perspective."
Philo | 50 - “A very practical, hands-on & easy to understand workshop.”
Philip | 51 - “Music is so simple and wonderful to learn.”
Angela (Music Teacher) | - "Very impressed with the common sense approach."
Olivia | 15 - “It is definitely worthwhile.”
Ruth | 35 - "Things that I thought were complicated were taught in ways that were easy to understand.”

Program Features

You'll be amazed at what your child can learn in just 1 year


Dr Field's Music Program uses a revolutionary approach to the teaching of music theory and performance.

Knowledge Retention

When using the Dr Field's Music Program students show a very high level of knowledge retention.

Knowledge Application

Students in the Music Program are consistently showing a very high level of knowledge application.

Latest Videos and News

Dr Field's Music Program features many different skills, from music theory to song performance. Click on some of the video posts below to see the Music Program in action.

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